Star Wars: Attack on the Death Star (Sharp X68000)

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This seems like the spiritual successor to the classic Atari Star Wars arcade game, with vector graphics, and X-Wing gameplay split into three scenes: deep space dogfighting, surface assault, and the iconing trench run. This version is less of a rail shooter, you have the ability to look in different directions with the arrow keys, and the dogfighting has interesting perspective changes, where you evade shots fired from the viewpoint of a TIE Fighter. The ability to record and playback replays is a very cool addition. If you don't jump straight into the game, you are treated to a cool vector rendition of the opening sequence of A New Hope, to the tones of Yuzo Koshiros version of the classic Star Wars themes.


Log entries

  • 6488 
    I managed to reach the trench run playing on NORMAL difficulty. I'm not very good at this game.
  • 2021-07-11
  • 12075 
    This doesn't look correct on the MiSTer core X68000_20200913.rbf.

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