Lords of the Fallen

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It's like Dark Souls in the Warhammer universe. Lords of the Fallen's slow, weighty, well-animated combat and detailed and very metal artwork is fun enough to outweigh some pretty uninteresting storytelling.

log entries

  • 6867
    This 2014 souls-like game was 159 DKK.
  • 6868
    Defeated 2/10 bosses. I really like the idea of this kind of slow-paced heavy combat - LotF feels like it belongs in the Warhammer universe. I'm a bit disappointed with the frame rate, though, it often drops below 30.
  • 2016-08-22
  • 6869
    Yikes, I played 11 hours of this game today. I beat 7/10 bosses, and entered The Chamber of Lies.
  • 2016-08-25
  • 6873
    I tried to find my way through The Chamber of Lies, but it's either a byzantine nightmare maze of confusingness, or I'm just awful at finding my way around the place. Anyway, I found my way back out of the area, and was really confused. Also, the Spirit enemies are causing me grief, as they are only damaged by magic (including fire or poison), and my weapon only does regular damage.
  • 6874
    I found maps!
  • 2016-08-28
  • 6884
    Oh, now I get what is going on. I'm pulling handles to lower platforms, so I can reach the big demony thing. They could have made that clearer.
  • 6885
    completed the game with Cleric on Normal difficulty. My Cleric was level 59 after beating the game, which took 18 hours and 57 minutes.