Ninja Spirit (PC Engine)

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Log entries

  • [7222]
    Completed stage 1/7. Ninja Spirit has the signature Irem graphical style, and the gameplay is interesting, if a bit weird. I can't see the number of continues anywhere, maybe they are infinite?
  • [7223]
    Completed stage 2/7. That tree climbing ninja demanded a lot of my reaction time, but I got him.
  • [7224]
    Completed stage 3/7. What the giant ninja boss didn't have in attack patterns, he made up for in animation frames. :)
  • [7225]
    Oh, you can cling to the ceiling. Neat.
  • [7226]
    Damn, stage 4 is tricky.
  • [7227]
    The mines are useful for the purple hook ninjas.
  • [7228]
    Completed stage 4/7. That was a fun level and a fun boss fight.
  • [7229]
    Stage 5 goes upwards, and you have to jump at the very top to fight the boss.
  • [7230]
    Completed stage 5/7. And you should definitely use mines for the boss!
  • 2016-12-03
  • [7270]
    completed the game (PC-ENGINE MODE). I just streamed all 7 stages to YouTube. The stage 6 boss zombies were hard, until I figured out that they always spawned on top of me. After that realization, I placed myself on top of the big rock to the left, waited for the zombie to spawn, jump, and throw bombs down on his head, wait for the next zombie, and repeat. Stage 7 ended with an annoying quarter-sucking drop down through lethal floating ninjas. After consulting GameFAQs, I learned that there was a safe position one ninja-width from the left wall. After the drop, an easy final boss fight.


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