Forays into Norrendrin (Windows)

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 4 ...............  on 2023-09-08


  • 14929 

    You can wash Slime off in Shallow Water.

Log entries

  • 7681 
    A streamlined roguelike focused on discrete skill upgrades and tactical combat? That certainly seems interesting.
  • 2017-04-27
  • 7685 
    I shot carnivorous brambles with arrows, set fire to some spider webs, and was killed on Depth 1 by a Frostling.
  • 7686 
    Oh, you can rest once per level, regaining all Health and Exhaustion.
  • 7689 
    Reached Depth 2. I don't like frostlings.
  • 2017-05-05
  • 7749 
    Man, Chispole the stealthy Rogue reached Depth 3, stabbing all manner of creatures with his Dagger in the dark, before being surprise-killed by a Zombie. I really like roaming the darkness in this game, it gets a bit spooky.
  • 2023-09-05
  • 14868 

    I reached Depth 3 with my heavy fighter.

  • 2023-09-08
  • 14870 

    This is keeping me sane during a lot of late work nights.

  • 14871 
    Got the score 4.

    I reached Depth 4 with Gonk the Warrior.

  • 2023-09-23
  • 14915 

    I'm playing a great game as Fawosad the Rogue, walking around in the dark, stabbing creatures with my dagger (that always hits in the darkness). What a great idea to have stealth gameplay in a roguelike.

  • 14916 

    I have a Lens of Scrying that identifies a random item every time I descend a level.

  • 14917 

    I was attacked by a poisonous snake on Depth 4 and was blinded. Panicking, I threw an Orb of Blades where I thought the snake was, but as it turns out, the blades attack everything, including Rogues. Now I'm dead.

  • 2023-09-24
  • 14925 

    My rogue was sneaking around Depth 3 and was suddenly ambushed by 3 Cultists! I tried to run into a room and shut the door behind me, but was hit in the back and had to fight. I fired a Wand of Flesh to Fire, which set the flesh of the nearest cultist on fire, while also igniting the other cultists - and myself! Panicking, I turned to my spellbook and realized I had a Blink spell. I teleported on the other side of the Cultists, and stood from a safe distance and watched them burn to death, while the fire slowly went out, leaving me relatively unharmed.

  • 14926 

    Roger the Rogue has reached Depth 5 by me playing strategically and not running headfirst into combat!

  • 14927 

    Sneaking up to a doorway, casting Scorch and running away while the unaware enemy burns to death is a pretty good sneaky tactic.

  • 14928 

    Roger is now on Depth 6.

  • 14930 

    I was getting overly confident in my sneaking ability on Depth 7, and snuck around with very low health, and got shot in the back by a Goblin Archer.

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