The Ground Gives Way (Windows)

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 225 .............  on 2018-02-07

Log entries

  • [8379]
    First game of this fast-paced roguelike with simple controls. Died on level 1. Great. :)
  • [8380]
    I reached Underground level 3 using a spear on Goblins and other creatures. I forgot to use the wands I picked up, so my character's death was my own fault.
  • [8381]
    You can target enemies with X and get information or use missile attacks on them. Also, Green Worms can cause 'disease', however that works.
  • [8382]
    I have staffs of 'acid bolt', 'conjure fireballs', 'sense surroundings', and a 'rod of acid rain'. I'm *ready* to explore 'Underground 4'.
  • [8383]
    'Night leaves' give you 5 magic points, whereas 'borovnica' gives you full magic points and increases max magic points with 1.
  • [8384]
    Having multiple stairs down and maps of every level almost makes this seem more like an Eye of the Beholder-style RPG.
  • [8385]
    Coating weapons seems to be a temporary effect.
  • [8386]
    I reached Dungeon 1, which level 6.
  • [8387]
    Dead on Dungeon 1, killed by a goblin monk.
  • [8388]
    'This goblin is surprisingly good at martial arts'.
  • 2018-02-07
  • [8389]
    Got the score 225. After playing through the tutorial, I reached Dungeon 1 with a cleric-like character with an awesome fire mace, and survived countless dangers, but was destroyed by a team of a frost beetle and a frost toad.


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