Bee Brilliant Blast

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- This game was nominated for a Spilprisen 2018 award. I was a jury member for the awards.
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log entries

  • 8679
    So, this is a mix between Bejeweled and Hexic. Hexagonal blocks that can turn into power-ups like Hexic, but you can't rotate blocks, you just click to match them like Bejeweled.
  • 8680
    The 'level complete'-bees are singing the reward song! And their animation fits the song! That's just wonderful. :)
  • 8681
    They even do a capella dubstep. I don't know what to think of that...
  • 8682
    So far, even though the gameplay seems deceptively satisfying, I have barely made any tactical decision. This game seems to more or less play itself. It's like a clicker.
  • 8683
    Pop-ups for paying some fake currency or watching ads have started appearing in the beginning of levels. They seem to suggest that you free a bee before the level starts, which seems pointless. The good thing is that ignoring the pop-up for a few seconds makes it go away.
  • 8684
    Now I'm 'Out of moves', but I can pay 70 fake money to continue playing. I don't have any, but I can buy ... 140 for 17 DKK? That's a lot of money for two continues. I can also generate 1 fake money by watching an ad. I'll try that to see how it's integrated.
  • 8685
    After a video, there is a full-screen ad, and I have a tiny button to get back into the game. Very annoying.
  • 8686
    After *not* paying money to continue, I 'lost a life', whatever that means.
  • 8687
    Let's try that level again, and keep an eye on the number of moves.
  • 8688
    I beat the level with 1 move left. Level 8 seems carefully designed to steal a life.
  • 8689
    OK, a tactical choice is which tile of the tiles that form a power-up will actually get the power-up. That seems important.
  • 8690
    And now an ad for a bunch of coins and boosters for 9 DKK. No thank you.
  • 8691
    Oh, I get it. 5 or more tiles turn into power-up tiles. Of course. 5-6 seem to form the missile bees, 7-8 forms bombs, 9 or more form queens (eradicates all of their color).
  • 8692
    I lost one more life. I'll try using a Booster Bee as I seem to be able to hold no more than 3 anyway.
  • 8693
    The 4-second ad for watching an ad to free a bee gets *really* annoying after a while.
  • 8694
    Daily Quest? That's seems like another scam, but I'll go along with it...
  • 8695
    I can play the next quest in 11:50 hours or pay fake money to play it now. I'm going to not do that. :)
  • 8696
    I'm getting 3/3 stars in every level so far. Not much of an incentive to get better.
  • 8697
    The direction of the missile bees seems random? If it is, it's a poor design choice, as it could be a key tactical decision.
  • 8698
    I reached level 19. Enough for now.