Cookie Cats Pop

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- This game was nominated for a Spilprisen 2018 award. I was a jury member for the awards.
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log entries

  • 8712
    Another Tactile Entertainment game from 2017? They are really churning out games in there.
  • 8713
    Oh, it's puzzle Bobble.
  • 8714
    The rescued kittens piling up are adorable.
  • 8715
    Like the bee game, cats sing a little fanfare after completing a level. Great.
  • 8716
    The in-game music is a bit like a meowing version of Moonlight Shadow.
  • 8717
    Oh god, the combination of bubbles that burst into fire and kittens trapped in bubbles is a horrible nightmare!! Oh ok, they don't burn, they just fall down. That's a relief.
  • 8718
    Daily Quest? I'm recognizing a pattern in Tactile's games. :)
  • 8719
    Out of bubbles. Retrying.
  • 8720
    I activated all cat powers and got a big shark suspended from baloons.
  • 8721
    I can buy 3 Rainbow Bubbles (jokers) for 140 fake money. That's 17 DKK.
  • 8722
    I completed level 19.