Conduct DELUXE!

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- This game was nominated for a Spilprisen 2018 award. I was a jury member for the awards.
Image source: syltefar at Steam

log entries

  • 8723
    Hah, that music nails the style of MIDI smooth jazz that would go well with a Railroad Tycoon-style game.
  • 8724
    Ah, it's a realtime train conducting game. With switching tracks and all that.
  • 8725
    Level builder? That's a cool feature.
  • 8726
    OK, I'm building a little train track. That's adorable.
  • 8727
    Back to the game part. Tunnels that obscure your vision requires you to carefully estimate travel times for cars. Interesting, if a bit fiddly.
  • 8728
    You can pause on the space bar, which would be helpful, but there is a bug when exiting pause mode, that blocks your input while the game is running, which will often have horrible results.
  • 8729
    That graphics options screen is perfect. Simple, well-explained options, you immediately see the results of your selection, and an FPS counter in the corner.
  • 8730
    The tropical map station colors are a bit harder to pick out.
  • 8731
    Fun little game, but I feel it could be better on a touch screen or possibly with controller mapping.