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not completed.
- This game was nominated for a Spilprisen 2018 award. I was a jury member for the awards. Also thanks to Jonas for lending me an iPhone.

log entries

  • 8831
    Puzzle game?
  • 8832
    Aha, tile flipping to form a solid color block. Very simple. Very cool that you can undo moves by simply doing them again. Very player-friendly design choice.
  • 8833
    Also, there's an undo button. :)
  • 8834
    What, hexagons???
  • 8835
    Something about the style of this reminds me of Lumines, except the gameplay is pretty different.
  • 8836
    I played for an hour straight, barely noticing time passing. I have 38/60 stars in the campaign.
  • 8837
    42/60 stars. It's getting more difficult.
  • 8838
    I'll try the Challenge mode real quick. It's based on time instead of moves.
  • 8839
    The Challenge mode doesn't really bring much new to the game. I prefer the Campaign.