Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon

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  • 8895
    I thought this Castlevania spiritual sequel looked fantastic, so I wanted to buy it. It isn't out in for Scandinavian PS4s yet for some reason, but I wanted to try buying it on my US account instead. First, I tried to add my Visa card to the US account, but it needs a US address, and a couple of years ago I tried buying something with a fake address, and my credit card got blocked, so I'm not doing that again. Then I tried my paypal account, but it failed with a confusing error about username or password being incorrect. According to people online, your paypal account is also tied to a region and you can't buy games from the US PlayStation store with a EU paypal account. That left the option of buying a pre-paid gift card for the US store. As the game was 9.99$, I bought a 10$ card on (using paypal), which showed up in an e-mail after a few minutes. I was able to enter it into my US account, but I had failed to realize that there is a 0.82$ tax on the game, so I had to buy a second pre-paid card.
  • 8896
    OK, bought it, and the game is downloading.
  • 8897
    So for future reference, buying a US-only PS4 game:
    • Check the price and make sure to add a little bit for tax,
    • Go to and buy a US gift card using paypal,
    • Redeem code in PSN store.
  • 8898
    And yes, after downloading it, the game is playable on my danish account.
  • 8900
    Assuming I'll never spend the rest of the 20$ I added to my account, this game cost me 133.50 DKK. It'll better be worth it.
  • 8901
    completed the game on Normal difficulty (Veteran). Erik and I completed the game, and Anders joined in for a little while towards the end. I unlocked 'Nightmare mode', where Zangetsu is dead and you play with the 3 other dudes. We learned online that you can kill the other characters to gain power-ups for Zangetsu and beating the game after killing all the other characters unlocks 'Ultimate mode'.
  • 2018-06-04
  • 8910
    And yes, now that I know how 'Ultimate mode' is unlocked, and what 'Nightmare mode' entails, the game is not only great on the first playthrough, it has plenty of clever incentives for replaying it.
  • 2018-06-06
  • 8911
    completed the game on Normal (Veteran) difficulty. I just played through the game again alone, streaming it to YouTube. Great game.
  • 2018-06-07
  • 8912
    I started a new playthrough on Nightmare mode and played through the first 4 levels.
  • 2018-06-09
  • 8915
    completed the game (Nightmare). Zangetsu was a tricky boss, but I learned his pattern, and after a couple of triple beheadings, understood that the final sequence was about protecting the two other buddies while the alchemist was powering up.


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