Hyper Sentinel

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Hewson Consultants published a bunch of great Commodore 64 games such as Paradroid, Cybernoid, Nebulus, and Andrew Braybrook's awesome shooter Uridium. Andrew Hewson from Hewson Consultants successfully kickstarted 'Hyper Sentinel', a spiritual sequel to Uridium.
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log entries

  • 9002
    This was on sale for 69 DKK, which is still a bit on the expensive side.
  • 9003
    The music is extremely Commodore 64-like.
  • 9004
    I completed Arcade Mode areas 1-3. It's pretty fun, sounds great, and looks OK, but I think the recharging health system is a little bit problematic, in that you can play sloppily and go to the edge of the level and hide to recharge your health, which is not fun. If you want a good score, you should try to avoid it to get score streaks, but if you're not playing for score, you spend a little too much time hiding and recharging.
  • 9005
    completed the game on Normal difficulty (Arcade). The last level wasn't too bad.