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In LEGO Worlds, you play with mini figs in randomly generated environments where everything is made of LEGO. Similarly to Minecraft, everything can be destroyed or modified, and similarly to No Man's Sky, you travel between randomly generated planets with different biospheres. The environments look amazing - this is the first game that clearly reminds me of how it felt to play with LEGO back in the early 80s. However, the game is far from perfect: the quest system is rudimentary, the planet generation is overly primitive to a degree where No Man's Sky's planets look sofisticated, and the game is somewhat buggy overall. However, the game still works for me on a basic nostalgic level, in a way that no LEGO game has done before.
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log entries

  • 9853
    This game finally fulfils the potential of LEGO games, making an entire world made of LEGO. The response to this game has been mediocre, but after seeing the Classic Space DLC, I had to buy it.
  • 9854
    For someone who has grown up with LEGO and spent countless hours thinking about and building little worlds in LEGO, this game is amazing. The landscape and all objects are made of LEGO, and can be modified, removed, or copied. And seeing the little space dude run around in these little diorama-esque levels is magical.
  • 2019-07-09
  • 9855
    The randomly generated levels are very random and buggy, but climbing a beanstalk that led to a castle in the clouds was pretty amazing. Also, there was a cloud bunny!
  • 9856
    The Space LEGO DLC was amazingly nostalgic. I have spent hours gazing at the grey and blue 1979 line of spaceships, and I got more or less the whole line of 1981 space sets, some of which are in here.
  • 2019-07-10
  • 9857
    I went to a Trash world and rode a shark that became my friend and followed me on land! I had to ride a dog to safety.
  • 9858
    A Winter wonderland followed by a swamp, which looked really cool.
  • 9859
    Aha, you can enter codes to unlock stuff.
  • 2019-07-13
  • 9862
    Apparently, completing the game is done by collecting 100 gold bricks.
  • 2019-07-14
  • 9863
    I found a dungeon. Using the landscape tools makes me feel like I'm cheating, which is pretty neat.
  • 9864
    I'm a ghost now, pretty cool.
  • 9865
    To get to 50 gold bricks, I've been mopping them up from old worlds, as they seem to not appear in newer worlds. It's not clear which worlds have gold bricks and which haven't, and it's frustrating.
  • 2019-07-19
  • 9872
    I showed this to Thomas and Sacha, who played split-screen. I ended up taking over Sacha's controller and started playing trollishly, crashing space ships into Thomas, murdering quest givers while he was getting quests, turning the floor into lava, and a more elaborate annoyance of removing the floor beneath him, quickly paving over, trapping him inside, and then building an entire enclosure outside, filling it with pigs.
  • 2019-07-22
  • 9905
    I spend almost all of this vacation day playing with Legos. I became 'Master Builder' by finding 100 Golden Bricks, and gained the ability to create my own planets. Nothing else happened, and I feel I'm done with this game. No credits roll though, so I guess I haven't completed it.


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