LEGO Star Wars Microfighters (Android)

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  • [9491]
    Extremely effective intro: you start out with a view of a microfighter, with some low key Star Wars music in the background, and a big play button. When you press it, the camera rotates, the music seamlessly ramps up to full John W, and you are straight into the action. Very neat.
  • [9492]
    Your ship is being re-built into another ship by picking up new elements if you are destroyed. Flying in a trench with a half-broken ship actually reminds me a bit of Powerdrome.
  • [9493]
    I can get Kylo Ren, if I join 'Lego Life', whatever that is. I'd rather not.
  • [9494]
    Photo mode? This game is just bursting with features.
  • [9495]
    I can start in a TIE Fighter? This game is getting better all the time.
  • [9496]
    Hmm... level progression is either based on how long you've been in a level, or how many pieces you pick up. They could have made this clearer.
  • [9497]
    I can get a Y-wing? Hell yeah.
  • [9498]
    I have trouble getting through the Hoth level.
  • [9507]
    Finally beat the Hoth level and reached the ... fire level?


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