Fatal Labyrinth (SEGA Genesis)

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         Developer : Sega
             Genre : Roguelike
          Graphics : Three-Quarters View
      Release Info : Downloadable
        Other Tags : meganet

      Achievements : retroachievements.org

not completed.

Fatal Labyrinth is a classic roguelike developed by Sega themselves. The rules of this game are somewhat unique: Characters and enemies can face in the 4 cardinal directions, and searching and combat is affected by this. You regenerate health as turns progress. You eat food to stay alive, but you can actually overeat and become fat and slow. You can throw items, including weapons and rings.

Image source: wikipedia.org

Log entries

  • 10069 
    This turn-based roguelike seems like a reasonable choice for playing on Retroarch on my phone.
  • 10070 
    I died in the first room. Great.
  • 10071 
    I read a Chaos scroll and a Search scroll. Each of them gave me a Retroachievement.
  • 10072 
    I reached L05 (of 31), am a LEADER, and have 60 Gold. I died on this level, and was now offered a continue? I'm not sure how this game works.
  • 2019-10-09
  • 10073 
    I've been playing this yesterday and today on my phone.
  • 10074 
    I reached L08 with 120 G and was killed by a robot. I've learned to throw items at enemies, including weapons and rings to good effect. The rings explode like hand grenades, it's great. Duplicate weapons, armor, and rings seems useless, so you might as well throw them. Some weapons may be more useful against certain enemies. I had trouble hitting certain enemies with my axe, but had more luck with a lance. Not sure why. Hit points regenerate, but you use food with time. When food is over 79, you get fat and slow, which is really annoying.

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