Minit (Xbox One)

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Log entries

  • [10116]
    Malu and I played 2 hours of Minit. Discovering the charming secrets and unlocking shortcuts is very fun and we both got pretty caught up in this adorable game.
  • [10117]
    The next thing we should check out is the bandits north of the hotel, and go into the mines and use the sword to trigger the bombs at a distance.
  • 2019-10-28
  • [10130]
    completed the game. We found the sword factory and destroyed it. The game ended with credits, unlocked 'SECOND RUN' mode, and crashed.
  • [10131]
    After starting a new game in 'SECOND RUN' mode, where you start over, I managed to reload the old save and continue playing without having to finish the game. We found a few tentacles and other secrets, including finding the treasure island that the old man at the lighthouse talked about.


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