Finishable, Checkpointed, Unlimited continues, Keep resources

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Finishable, Checkpointed, Unlimited continues, Keep resources

1 games tagged FCUK.

FCUK is a metagame classification, commonly used in checkpointed console games.
 * F: Finishable (has a well-defined ending)
 * E: Endless (can be played forever, barring kill screens)

Continue type:
 - savepoint = checkpoint
 - Omitted if permadeath
 * C: Checkpointed (dev defined checkpoints)
 * M: manual save (user defined checkpoints)
 * I: Immediate (retain current game state)

Continue supply:
 - lives = continues
 * U: Unlimited continues
 * L: Limited continues
 * P: Permadeath = no continues

Resource change:
 - If omitted, no resource gain or loss (games without power-ups)
 - Hit points are normally not considered metagame resources, and
   are expected to be reset on continue, or reverted 
 * R: Reset (reset resources to starting state)
 * D: Decrease (resources decreased, e.g. level down, dropped souls)
 * S: Save-relative (revert to manual save/checkpoint state)
 * K: Keep (no resource loss)

1 games in database, 1 completed (100%). Year range: 2018-2018, median: 2018.
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