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In Snake Pass, the world looks and sounds like a late 90s 3D platformer, in the vain of a Crash Bandicoot or Spyro the Dragon. Lush jungle levels are full of shiny collectibles, and cheerful music invites you to have a fun time. However, instead of controlling an adorable bouncy anthropomorphic animal, you control a slithering snake. Still very much adorable, but no jumping. And herein lies what makes this a very different experience. You are controlling the head of a snake in a 3D space, and must carefully wind yourself around rocks and trees to avoid falling down.
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    I played enough of this to know that I don't want to play it again. I love the presentation of this game, the graphics and sound is so inviting, and your snake character is more adorable than I thought possible for a snake. However, controlling a snake's body mapped onto a 2D joystick, 2 triggers, and a button got incredibly frustrating when the levels started to demand careful movement. This was a bold experiment in controls, but I don't enjoy playing the result.


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