SAR: Search and Rescue (PlayStation 4)

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    completed the game. The SNK 40th Anniversary Collection was on sale for 119 DKK. This looks like a great emulation package with a lot of games I have never played. 'SAR' was one of them, I have never seen this game before. It's an Ikari Warriors-style multidirectional shooter with a jump/dodge roll. The game features some very elaborate enemy transformations. The most extreme example was:
    • A mech with a gun that got its head blown off and turned into
    • a headless mech that blindly walks forward until it explodes and out falls
    • a human pilot that when he dies, mutates into a big xenomorph, which gets its head half shot off, and then
    • the maimed xenomorph charges forward until it explodes into a bunch of gross entrails.


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