Operencia: The Stolen Sun (Xbox One)

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A slightly new take on the Dungeon Master-style first person RPG genre, this game locks you to an invisible grid, although the graphics is fully 3D, similarly to Legend of Grimrock, but the view direction can be freely rotated. When the game takes place in natural environments that are not constrained to right angles, the free camera makes being locked to a grid feel very strange.
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Log entries

  • [10347]
    After the abili-tease in the intro, I created a new character and completed the first area, a water dungeon full of skeletons and frog men. This game is a bit awkward in its storytelling, but there is something sincere and friendly about the game that I enjoy.
  • [10349]
    The forest area is weird to traverse in the grid format. I appreciate trying to create grid-based levels that don't look like they are grid-based, but that combined with grid-based movement and free camera is just confusing.


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