Bushido Blade (PlayStation)

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This game is so cool. I loved it back in the day, and still adore its completely uncompromising design. I fought a couple of fights where I just decapitated my opponents while they were talking. When you don't uphold the code of the Bushido, you don't proceed to the second half of the game. Too bad. Fight with honor! Also too bad that the graphics kind of sucks...
Bushido Blade

Log entries

  • [847]
    completed the game with Red Shadow / Katana on Hard difficulty (Story Mode).
  • [848]
    completed the game with Mikado / Saber on Hard difficulty (Story Mode).
  • 2016-12-03
  • [7261]
    I played through the Story Mode with Utsusemi, Black Lotus, Mikado, and obviously not upholding the Bushido Code, as I got the message:
    Those who stray from the true way,
    follow a damned path.
  • [7262]
    According to ANickerson at gamefaqs.com, the Bushido Code prohibits the following:
    • Striking a grounded opponent
    • Striking an opponent while they are climbing
    • Striking an opponent in the back (?)
    • Striking an opponent before they are ready
    • Using a sub-weapon
    • Throwing dirt/snow/gravel at your opponent


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