Bushido Blade 2 (PlayStation)

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I used to play Bushido Blade 1 and 2 when I lived in Aalborg Øst, and loved it. It was so different, with emphasis on samurai honor and weird weapons. This game is remarkable for its horrendously unfair fights, e.g.: Katana vs. Assault Rifle. Take that.
Bushido Blade 2

Log entries

  • [925]
    Completed the game with Kaun. Hehe... Kauns dialogue is priceless. His Effeminate 'Die.' still makes me laugh.
  • 2011-02-13
  • [933]
    Completed the game with Tatsumi / Long Sword. Played together with Nabaz. Oh yeah, you have to hit that guy in the back. :)
  • 2011-02-27
  • [962]
    Did a bit of nostalgia-fighting with Jauert. We used to play this a lot back in the late 90s. It's still kinda broken in a really cool way :).
  • 2013-03-03
  • [2486]
    My save game on my old PS memory card says 'BB2 Narukagami:9 VS Shainto:9 +2', whatever that means.
  • [2487]
    ... But I can't get the CD to load.
  • 2016-11-17
  • [7191]
    Completed the game with Utsusemi / Nodachi on Hard difficulty (Story Mode). I made a sweet nostalgic setup in my bed room with Jeppes old TV and my PlayStation. The music skips a bit in this game, maybe it's time to burn a new one...
  • [7192]
    Published by Square Electronic Arts. How weird.
  • [7195]
    Completed the game with Gengoro / Katana on Hard difficulty (Story Mode).


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