Mega Bomberman (SEGA Genesis)

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The Genesis port of the 1993 PC Engine game Bomberman '94.
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Log entries

  • [10564]
    I was surprised to find that this Bomberman has a robust single-player campaign. I started playing with Malu, passing the controller back and forth (you can only play one Bomberman at a time). The graphics is charming, the enemies are adorable, and the music is catchy.
  • [10565]
    We got the password 8112. This game has infinite continues.
  • 2020-04-03
  • [10574]
    After conquering our small-fish-related anxiety, we reached the horrible crab end boss of Area 3. The password for the boss is 3352, but we might need to go back to the previous level to power up (1052).
  • 2020-04-04
  • [10578]
    I ended up defeating the horrible crab boss without going back to the previous level. I learned to leave bombs in front of him, so he stops and grabs them, and then I could immediately go and bomb him from behind. Malu and I completed Area 4-5 and reached the final boss, which immediately killed me. We now have the final password 0515, but this is for the last area, not the last boss. That's a bit unfair.
  • [10579]
    I used mednafen to save state my way to the last boss and made a save state just before the boss fight. Now I can practice.


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