HyperDot (Xbox One)

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Image source: hyperdotgame.com

Log entries

  • [10697]
    It's like a dual joystick shooter without shooting. Cool design, reminds me of Designer's Republic stuff from the late 1990s.
  • 2020-05-10
  • [10698]
    I showed this to Malu, she is kind of hooked now, playing through the campaign.
  • [10701]
    Apparently, the whole game including the soundtrack is made by one guy, Charles McGregor.
  • [10702]
    This is fun, level 54 has the SUPERHOT mechanic.
  • [10703]
    Oh, it's called SUPERDOT.
  • [10704]
    Stage 62 is also fun, you get tricked into moving fast, but you have to move as slow as possible.


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