R-Type I (PC Engine)

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            Series : R-Type
         Developer : Irem
           Port of : R-Type (1987 Irem M72) 

In Japan, R-Type for PC Engine was released in two parts: R-Type I and R-Type II. This game contained the first 4 stages, and R-Type II would contain the last 4 stages.
Image source: mobygames.com


  • [11789]
    The US version of this doesn't have infinite continues, the maximum number using cheats seems to be 21. In comparison, the Japanese version allows infinite continues from Part II, which might actually be a good point to start.
  • 2021-05-01
  • [11867]
    This game runs at 60 FPS, actually slightly faster than the original game, which ran at 55 FPS.

Log entries

  • [10899]
    completed the game (MiSTer). I played through the first 'part' of the Japanese version of this excellent port of R-Type. I got an fun ending animation that I never saw before, and a code: BDA-7638-NB. No idea what that's for. I should probably play the US version that isn't split into two cards.


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