Paper Beast (Playstation 4)

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  • [11216]
    That intro was so surprising that I wish I had gone into this game without having seen the trailer.
  • [11217]
    completed the game. Eric Chahi's VR game was an intense and beautiful experience for me. In the beginning, I was awestruck by the amazing universe, and terrified by dark caves and the digging animal. Roly Porter's astounding soundtrack is probably my favourite soundtrack this year. The game slowly turns into a terrain-deforming god game, similar to From Dust (2011). The universe is very original, yet reminiscent of classic science fiction animations by the amazing Karl Sims, specifically the budding fractal plants of 'Panspermia' (1990) and the wobbly low-poly creatures of 'Evolved Virtual Creatures' (1994).
  • [11218]
    I played around with the sandbox mode. I wish all the plants and creatures were unlocked.


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