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- Thanks to Nabaz for receiving a bunch of games for me in the mail while I was in Egypt.
Mortal Kombat

Log entries

  • [987]
    Played the PS3 demo with Maged Farrag at the MegaMedia office in Cairo. He beat me a couple of times, but after a while he gave up trying to beat me, and I started playing Single Player. I completed the demo on Normal difficulty, and then on Expert difficulty, which wasn't hard at all. I'm sure Goro on Expert is not easy, but he's not in the demo. So far, this game looks and plays amazingly.
  • 2011-04-11
  • [1003]
    Played some more of the demo at MegaMedia. Maged is getting pretty serious with Scorpion, I have to focus to beat him. Also kompleted the demo Ladder with Sub-Zero and Johnny Cage on Expert.
  • 2011-04-24
  • [1010]
    Played a lot of matches with Salah at MegaMedia. He put up quite a fight, until he started playing too defensively, after which I murdered him. :)
  • 2011-04-28
  • [1018]
    Played for the second time with Osama Ibrahim, our computer vision programmer guy. He does have some skill, possibly from his old school Tekken 2 training, and he's turning into a real threat with Scorpion. Very nice.
  • [1020]
    Tomorrow, the plan is that me and Osama go to City Stars mega-mall, specifically to the Virgin megastore (I love all those mega's - so 90's) where I will try to find Mortal Kombat, along with Portal 2, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, or other interesting stuff...
  • 2011-04-29
  • [1023]
    Curses! No luck, they didn't have at the Virgin mega-store. What good is the 'mega', if it only has the supply of a medium-sized Danish Fona or equivalent? They did have MvC3, but it was over 500 LE. I can get that for 300 DKK in Denmark.
  • 2011-05-07
  • [1040]
    completed the game with Scorpion on Medium difficulty (Team Ladder). Played with Nabaz - this tag team cooperative mode is a lot of fun. And yes - this game is amazing.
  • [1041]
    Completed the tutorial and a few Tower Challenge fights. The Tower Challenges seem to be very tutorial-focused in the beginning, and they are very well done.
  • [1042]
    Scorpion really hates teddy bears...
  • 2011-05-08
  • [1043]
    I just bought a new *Silver* Xbox controller with the new fancy modifiable d-pad. MK is one of the first Xbox 360 games, where you really need the d-pad. The new controller is great, although I have to get used to it - I still prefer the Playstation D-pad. I vastly prefer using my FightStick. Some people (Jeff Gerstmann) claim that using the FightStick for MK doesn't make sense, because the weird 5-button layout of the original MK arcade machines doesn't map directly to the 6-button Street Fighter layout. However, I made a quick layout with the block button on Heavy Punch and grab using Light Punch + Light Kick, which works perfectly. I fail to see the problem.
  • 2011-05-10
  • [1047]
    Completed Story Mode chapter 7/16.
  • 2011-05-12
  • [1050]
    Haha... Shao Khan says 'You will die, mortal!'. Nice tautology, moron. :)
  • [1051]
    OK, so Cyber Sub-Zero is basically just RoboCop. :D
  • [1053]
    completed the game on Normal difficulty (Story Mode). Final boss battle with Shao Kahn: no fun at all. Jump over, punch, uppercut, repeat... Not fun.
  • 2011-05-13
  • [1054]
    completed the game with Reptile on Medium difficulty (Ladder). Shao Kahn is still no fun.
  • [1055]
    Reached level 50/300 of the Challenge Tower.
  • 2011-05-21
  • [1079]
    Completed 125/300 Tower Challenges.
  • [1078]
    completed the game with Jade and Johnny Cage on Normal difficulty (Team Ladder). Christopher played Jade.
  • 2011-06-03
  • [1080]
    completed the game with Cyrax and Sektor on Medium difficulty using 1 continues (Tag Ladder).
  • [1081]
    completed the game with Shang Tsung on Medium difficulty (Ladder). Well that wasn't any fun at all.
  • [1082]
    completed the game with Jax on Beginner difficulty using 0 continues (Ladder). Completed without blocking.
  • 2011-06-04
  • [1084]
    Accomplished Completed Tower level 251. - Finally! I spent almost all day trying to beat this level. I played as Shang Tsung, who I really don't like, versus Baraka, Sindel and Shao Khan. Shao Khan is horribly unfair, but I finally devised a combination of jumping over him and doing my best 23% combo to destroy that old bastard. It was not fun at all, but damn, if it didn't feel good when I got it...
  • [1104]
    completed the game with Smoke on Hard difficulty using 7 continues (Ladder). Cool backstory for Smoke - actually being a smoke demon. And Smoke is actually the ultimate weapon against Shao Khan - he can stand at a distance, teleport attack when Khan does anything, and then move to the distance again. Rinse and repeat.
  • 2011-06-05
  • [1086]
    completed the game with Raiden on Hard difficulty using 10 continues (Ladder). Shao Khan was easy. Move away from him, duck spears, wait for his taunt, then Eletric Fly, move away, repeat.
  • 2011-06-09
  • [1093]
    Played the first Small World Games MK Tournament, I won, and Christopher and Osama shared the 2nd place.
  • 2011-06-10
  • [1098]
    Three Shao Kahns? On one life bar? That is insane. Appropriately, 'This is Insane' is the name of level 269 of the Challenge Tower.
  • 2011-06-11
  • [1099]
    OK, I just kept my distance and shot them in the face, and jumped vertically over their hammers. Done and done.
  • [1100]
    completed the game with Ermac on Medium difficulty using 4 continues (Ladder). Ermac is cool.
  • [1101]
    Got the The Krypt Keeper achievement. - Unlocked everything in The Krypt.
  • 2011-06-17
  • [1105]
    completed the game with Smoke on Hard difficulty using 7 continues (Ladder). Fought a secret encounter with an overpowered dark Noob, and he destroyed me.
  • [1106]
    Accomplished Completed Tower level 275. - FINALLY defeated 3 x Goro with Ermac. I attacked him with a sequence of Force Lift, Force Push, Force Ball, waited for his attack, and then did Force Port (teleport), uppercut, and then repeated. It worked in the end. Ermac is still cool. :)
  • [1107]
    completed the game with Johnny Cage on Medium difficulty using 14 continues (Ladder). Tested out some Babalities and Stage Fatalities :)
  • 2011-06-23
  • [1113]
    completed the game with Skarlet on Medium difficulty using 21 continues (Ladder). So, I'm obviously retarded, since I just bought the Mortal Kombat Season Pass for 1200 points (~ 100 DKK). That's four characters and some costumes. 100 DKK. So retarded.
  • 2011-06-24
  • [1115]
    completed the game with Scorpion (Challenge Tower). Yes! Defeated Goro, Kintaro, Mileena, and Shao Khan with Scorpion. After losing 30 times, this was not hard at all.
  • [1116]
    completed the game with Baraka using 17 continues (Ladder).
  • 2011-07-06
  • [1143]
    completed the game with Kenshi using 21 continues (Ladder). Just downloaded him.
  • 2011-07-09
  • [1147]
    completed the game with Noob Saibot using 15 continues (Ladder).
  • 2011-07-11
  • [1150]
    completed the game with Kung Lao on Medium difficulty using 4 continues (Ladder).
  • 2011-07-12
  • [1151]
    completed the game with Scorpion on Medium difficulty using 5 continues (Ladder).
  • 2011-07-19
  • [1157]
    completed the game with Rain on Medium difficulty using 9 continues (Ladder).
  • 2011-08-08
  • [1195]
    Got the Pit Master achievement. - Fought and beat Klassic Reptile in The Pit. To do this, I played on Beginner, restarted Arcade Ladder until I got The Pit (night) stage, waited 10 seconds for a shadowy figure to cross the moon, otherwise I would player select out of it and start again. After that, I had to do a double flawless victory and the stage fatality.
  • [1196]
    completed the game with Jax on Beginner difficulty.
  • [1197]
    completed the game with Kano on Medium difficulty using 3 continues. Yes, Kano-tanks.
  • [1198]
    completed the game with Liu Kang on Medium difficulty using 6 continues.
  • [1199]
    Got the Hide and Seek achievement. - Fought and beat Klassic Smoke in The Living Forest (on Medium).
  • 2011-08-09
  • [1200]
    completed the game with Kitana on Medium difficulty using 6 continues (Ladder).
  • [1201]
    completed the game with Freddie Krueger on Medium difficulty using 4 continues (Ladder).
  • 2013-04-20
  • [2572]
    completed the game with Sub-Zero on Medium difficulty using 5 continues (Ladder). After playing UMK3 at the arcade yesterday, and with Injustice coming up, I wanted to play some more of this excellent game, which I haven't really played since 2011.
  • [2573]
    completed the game with Stryker on Medium difficulty using 9 continues (Ladder).
  • [2574]
    completed the game with Cyber Sub-Zero on Medium difficulty using 10 continues (Ladder).
  • [2575]
    completed the game with Nightwolf on Medium difficulty using 13 continues (Ladder).
  • [2576]
    completed the game with Mileena on Medium difficulty using 8 continues (Ladder).
  • [2577]
    completed the game with Sindel and Sonya Blade on Medium difficulty using 6 continues (Tag Ladder). Sonya Blade is a surprisingly cool character.
  • [2578]
    completed the game with Sheeva and Kabal on Medium difficulty using 5 continues (Tag Ladder).
  • [2579]
    completed the game with Quan Chi on Medium difficulty using 7 continues (Ladder).
  • 2013-04-21
  • [2580]
    completed the game with Jade on Medium difficulty using 9 continues (Ladder).
  • [2581]
    Got the Arcade Champion achievement. - Completed Arcade Ladder with all fighters.
  • 2013-04-22
  • [2592]
    Played with Erik and Mikkel at my place after enjoying some delicious kebab. Once Erik got the hang of the game, it was a lot of fun. Especially matches where I played characters that I actually know, like Scorpion and Smoke.
  • 2013-05-31
  • [2655]
    Played a few matches at Playdead with Kalle, who hadn't really played MK before.
  • 2014-06-11
  • [4033]
    completed the game with Scorpion (Ladder). Still a great game. And Shao Kahn still sucks.


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