Castlevania: Simon's Destiny (Windows)

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            Series : Castlevania
         Developer : Batandy
             Genre : First person shooter
          Graphics : Bitmap-based 3D
            Themes : Horror
        Other Tags : id Tech 1
         Remake of : Castlevania (1986 NES) [unofficial] 

not completed.
This is a full reimagining of the first NES Castlevania in the DOOM engine. The whip is like a short-range shotgun, and you're whipping candles to get hearts. In traditional Castlevania style, hearts are used for subweapon ammunition. The subweapons themselves are reimagined in fun ways: the knife is a 3 knife shot in a horizontal spread, the combat cross bounces on walls, which enables you to shoot enemies around corners, and the holy water makes a damaging puddle on the ground.
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Log entries

  • [11533]
    I played the first level, and it seems like Batandy made the whole damn game in DOOM form. Very cool. I'm playing in GZDoom, a very nice and flexible Doom engine reimplementation that supposedly is compatible with almost everything made in the original Doom engine.


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