Wizardry (SNES)

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Original release year: 1981
            Series : Wizardry
             Genre : First person role-playing
          Features : Auto-map
      Release Info : Nintendo Power
         Remake of : Wizardry (1981 Apple2) 
Part of Collection : Wizardry I-III (SNES) 

      Achievements : retroachievements.org

not completed.
Image source: gamopat.com/


  • Only the first 3 characters can FIGHT the monsters (because they are in the front row).
  • The dungeons are fixed and maps are available online.
  • MILWA / LOMILWA - Priest spells that illuminate the dungeons for a while. That's why the game seems so dark in the beginning.

  • Translation Patch - There is an improved translation patch by 'Hengki Kusuma Adi' from 2023 that I applied to my ROM. You still need to go to the menu Select Switch and change all the language settings to English.

  • DUMAPIC - Automap Mage spell.

  • Trade Equipment - Go to Gilgamesh's Tavern, Inspect character to give item away (including dead ones), press A to enter the menu, select 'Item', 'Trade'. You can use Neutral alignment characters to trade with Good or Evil characters if you need to. You have to unequip weapons before you can trade them.

  • Equip in Castle - Go to Gilgamesh's Tavern, Inspect character, press A to enter the menu, select 'Equip'.

  • Cheating Death - If a character is killed, you can reset the console, and 'Restart an OUT party' to resume the game, avoiding death.

  • POTION cures poison.

Log entries

  • I've been looking for a way to get into this obscure old dungeon crawler. This Nintendo Power cartridge seems like an appealing way to play this. There is an English translation available.
  • I think I understand this a little bit. You create a bunch of Dungeons & Dragons characters, buy equipment for them, and take them down into the maze and fight, loot, and gain experience. If a character dies, it's more or less permanent. You then go back to town with the survivors, heal them, level up, and buy better equipment.
  • It actually reminds me a little of Darkest Dungeon. I wonder if Red Hook Studios were inspired by this, the granddad of all dungeon crawlers?
  • 2024-07-04
  • FIGHTER1 turned evil! Now he can't join my party anymore! This is nuts.

  • My priest died! I spent 250 G to ressurect him, and then he turned to ashes. Getting a replacement priest, then.

  • I tried to inspect a chest, and then it exploded! Several characters dead. Restart console.

  • I cast my first MILWA spell (light), and now the dungeons look completely different!

  • I now understand why the Digital Eclipse has a default party off level 2 characters. Surviving to Level 2 is quite a challenge in this game - in terms of knowledge about systems, luck, and patience.

  • 2024-07-05
  • I got stuck in the dark area on level 1. I found the elevator, but I wanted to go back to the castle, and there was a weird 'gold smoke' thing that prevented me from getting back to the lit part of the dungeon. I found this map that helped me find the little room with a 'smallish man' that teleported me back to the Castle.

  • 2024-07-09
  • On the plane to London, I'm trying to play a bit of dungeon crawling. Roger the rogue got poisoned by attempting to inspect a trapped chest. He almost died, but I saved him by giving him a POTION. Now I just have to get out of here before something else bad happens.

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