Wizardry (PlayStation 5)

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  • Port of original Apple II game - according to the developers in the Steam forums, this game is running the original Apple II game under the hood, and renders modern graphics based on the state of the original game.

  • You can return to Town, but the party stays in the dungeon. You can then resume you party later. To get the party back to town, you have to walk.

  • You level up at the Inn.

  • DUMAPIC - When you cast DUMAPIC, a map of the dungeon floor is shown. If you explored new areas during this trip to the dungeon, they will be added to whatever was on the map of the last DUMAPIC cast. From that point on, the map can be shown at any time, but it's not automatically updated without casting DUMAPIC again.

  • Strength Affects damage. Values below 6 gives a penalty, above 15 gives a bonus to both hitting and damage (bonus: strength-15).

  • I.Q./Piety Affects spell-casting ability for and resistance to Mage/Cleric spells.

  • Port, not emulation - the game has been recompiled from the original PASCAL source code, with a few bugs fixed, such as a memory overflow error ('Identify 9'?). The original game logic runs inside the game, but not in emulated form.

  • Minimap - The minimap shows what you have seen, but if you get teleported (yes, this game had that), the minimap will get 'confused' and start overwriting itself. Casting DUMAPIC will resolve the ambiguity and the minimap will be 'fixed'.

  • The beastiary has a model viewer.

  • Vitality - Get more HP on level up for 16+ (less HP on 5-). Improves chance of raising from the dead.

  • Agility - 8+ gives initiative bonus (5- gives penalty).

  • Luck - Every point of Luck adds around 1% to your saving throws.

  • Vim - losing Vim is equivalent to getting older. When it's down to 0, I believe your character will die of old age, and you have to replace them.

Log entries

  • I slightly modified the default starting party by changing their names and portraits, and entered the Maze.

  • Oh no! Roger the Thief was killed by an Undead Kobold. When I tried to resurrect him at the Temple, he turned to ash! This game is mean.

  • 2024-06-25
  • I explored a bit more of the dungeon, fighting Orcs, Slimes, Kobolds, and Kobold Skeletons.

  • 2024-06-28
  • I really enjoy Winifred Phillips' music for this game. Absolutely charming and perfect for the genre.

  • 2024-07-02
  • I started a new test party 'Tosserne' and showed Bjørk the game.

  • 2024-07-04
  • I explored the dark area, found an elevator, explored the confusing secret area to the east, got the Bronze Key, and went down the staircase to level 2, where I met some Zombies.

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