Resident Evil: Director's Cut (PlayStation)

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Original release year: 1996
            Series : Resident Evil
         Developer : Capcom
          Graphics : Pre-rendered 3D
                     Live Action Video
            Themes : Horror

not completed.
🍒 Chris vs. zombie [Mednafen capture]


  • [12756]
    Resolution: 320x240.

Log entries

  • [12754]
    I did a quick survey of the different versions of this game:
    Bio Hazard    (JP PSX March 1996)
    Resident Evil (US PSX March 1996) - Censored cutscenes for violence - Disabled auto-aim - Less ink ribbons
    Resident Evil: Director's Cut (PSX Sept. 1997) - Seems like the best version! - Adds ADVANCED and TRAINING mode - Standard gun has random crit chance - Difficulty should be like original Japanese version - Adds auto-aim
    Resident Evil: Dual Shock Ver. (PSX Aug. 1998) - Maybe avoid this one! - Analog controls - Bad soundtrack credited to Mamoru Samuragochi (although he didn't write it)
    Resident Evil (GC 2002) - Complete remake
    Resident Evil: Deadly Silence (NDS 2006)
    Resident Evil (PS4 2014) - remaster of GC 2002 version
  • [12755]
    I have settled on Director's Cut being the best version to try, as it seems to be more or less the same as the original Japanese Bio Hazard, with a slightly better handgun.
  • [12758]
    I played for a while with Jill on the MiSTer PSX_DualSDRAM20220217.rbf core. It seems to work perfectly, except the controls screen pops up when entering certain rooms. Man, the voice acting is really something.


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