Black Widow: Recharged (PlayStation 5)

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  • [12984]
    This was on sale for 45 DKK.
  • 2022-05-14
  • [13053]
    Malu and I have been playing this as a distraction from Centipede: Recharged. It's not nearly as polished, and co-op doesn't actually work on the PS5 version. The controller assignments are wrong, so both players control both spiders at once.
  • [13054]
    Instead of playing coop, we have been going through the single player challenges. Most of the challenges are fun, but some of them are hard enough that we start to notice controls issues, the worst of which is that when you tilt the right stick to shoot in a direction, the first shot will come out in a different direction, which seems to be the direction of the last shot fired.


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