Pac-Man Museum + (Xbox One)

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An interesting emulation package of 14 Pac-Man games by Now Production, developer of the Splatterhouse sequels and other classic games.

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  • The existential nightmare of this Pac-Man-only arcade populated with ghosts, hovering in space above an infinite giant Pac-Man start screen.

Log entries

  • The amount of Pac-sounds in this arcade is brutal!
  • You have a few Pac-Man games available from the beginning, but have to unlock the others by playing a couple of times.
  • I spent a little time figuring out how to set up my Pac-Man-only arcade. It reminds me a lot of Game Room.
  • 'Achievements aren't supported'? What is going on here, I already got a bunch of achievements in this collection.
  • I found the Ken Ishii 40th Anniversary theme 'Join the Pac' on the jukebox.
  • I now played all 14 games, spent a bunch of time making my own arcade hall with gatcha figurines, and I guess I would say that this collection is pretty cool. I think Pac-In-Time is a horrible game to put in here, but the rest of the collection is pretty cool.

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