Etrian Odyssey (Nintendo DS)

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🍒 Very beginning of my game


  • [13566]
    You can revive characters at the Apothecary for 30en.
  • [13567]
    You can heal characters at the Inn for 12en.
  • [13569]
    You can upgrade your characters in the 'Custom' menu.

Log entries

  • [13564]
    I tried to play this beautiful looking dungeon crawler on the DeSmuME emulator. I had to switch away from software rendering to remove font artifacts, but now it looks great.
  • [13565]
    I got ambushed and my entire team wiped except RANGOR and PRIESTY. Of course, only these two characters got XP. Can I resurrect the dead dudes?
  • [13568]
    How quaint - this game forces you to draw a graph paper map on the bottom screen.


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