Back to the Future: The Game

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Back to the Future: The Game

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  • 1381
    Started playing in Aalborg Airport while waiting for my plane at around 15:00. A windy day turned into a hurricany night, and my plane couldn't land. I waited for hours, until they finally cancelled it. I then promptly ordered a train ticket, and a taxi ride later, I was on the train, playing this great nostalgic adventure game.
  • 1383
    Accomplished Completed Episode 1/5.. - The characters and the voice acting is great, and the action scene in the end is especially well executed. The puzzles are generally OK without being ingenious. Of course, I'm playing without any hints.
  • 2012-03-10
  • 1546
    Accomplished Completed Episode 2/5. - Playing in my San Fransisco hotel room while trying to not fall asleep after some heavy drinking. Actually, quite a lot of heavy drinking took place during this trip.


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