Shinobi (System 16)

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            Series : Shinobi
         Developer : Sega
             Genre : 2D Brawler
            Themes : Ninjas
          Hardware : Motorola 68000
                     Zilog Z80

not completed.

Log entries

  • [1390]
    Warming up for the cool-looking Shinobi III for my newly ordered Sega Genesis, I'm playing this ugly but decent playing arcade game. Feels a bit like Ninja Gaiden for the NES, only slower.
  • [1391]
    Hahaha! A scuba diver ninja just jumped 10 meters out of the water and killed me with a sword. That is so great!
  • [1392]
    Shinobi has the nicest FM-synthy shuriken throw and hit sounds. The music kind of sucks, though.
  • [1393]
    Reached level 5 and then promptly died. No possibility for continues. Shinobi actually has a pretty crazy structure. First of all, when you free hostages, they will stay freed even if you die, even though you start the level over. Certain enemies will also stay dead. You have to free all hostages to beat a level, so this is an unusually nice progression mechanic for an arcade game. The game itself is mad difficult and will eat ridiculous amounts of quarters, but I never felt I failed due to anything other than poor reactions. You could get insanely good at this game. However, since losing all your lives on level 5 will force you to start the game over, I will probably never finish it, which is too bad.
  • 2014-11-10
  • [4731]
    Taking over the Ninja reigns from Lasse, I reached the level with the frog man ninjas. Those are pretty annoying.


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