Unrailed! (PlayStation 4)

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Scores - ENDLESS:
 431 .............  on 2023-01-22
 254 .............  on 2023-01-16


  • 13975 

    Upgrading the engine progresses you to the next biome, and resets the speed of the train. So ideally, you spend as long as possible upgrading the wagons before upgrading the engine to reset the speed.

  • 13976 

    Dashing into the milk wagon triples your chopping/mining speed for a few seconds.

Log entries

  • 13919 

    This is a coop game where you craft train tracks in front of a moving train. It's a lot of stressful fun the first couple of tries, and the endless mode is pretty cool, you get to upgrade your train to make it more efficient.

  • 13920 
    Got the score 254 in ENDLESS.

    We went 254m on our first ENDLESS game.

  • 2023-01-22
  • 13953 

    We played hours of Unrailed today, very stressful, and very fun. We realized that buying new locomotives is the thing that changes the biome you're playing in. So in order to make the later levels easier, we should stay and level up our carts before we buy new locomotives.

  • 13954 
    Got the score 431 in ENDLESS.
  • 2023-01-29
  • 13978 

    We just played a long session where we try to upgrade as much as possible before proceeding to the next area. It's so stressful that my heart is pounding like crazy. I'm barely breathing when we're playing.

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