Star Raiders (Atari ST)

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            Series : Star Raiders
         Developer : Atari
            Genres : Trek Games
                     Space simulator
         Remake of : Star Raiders (1980 Atari8) 

not completed.
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  • When the game is over, there are 3 hotkeys:
    - Ctrl+C : Main menu
    - Ctrl+S: Start new game at same difficulty level
    - Ctrl+Q: Quit

  • StarBases are surrounded when each of the three neighbor cells are occupied by Zycroids. Depending on the difficulty level, you have 120, 90, 60, or 30 seconds to destroy Zycroids to end the surrounding.

Log entries

  • My first Atari ST game! This is a cool modernized version of the classic space sim with a major improvement in that you can see the galaxy map or the long range scanners below your front display. I got it running without any problems using the Hatari emulator. It boots into a graphical OS, from which I double-clicked floppy disk A and started the game.

  • I almost beat the first mission on Novice difficulty. This game is great, a really good remake.

  • I finished a mission on Novice difficulty. Super fun.

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