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  • 3601
    Star Raiders is the link between the classic Star Trek text games I've been playing recently, and my childhood favorite space sim Elite.
  • 3602
    completed the game on Novice (1/4) difficulty. STAR FLEET TO STAR CRUISER 7 MISSION COMPLETE NEW RANK IS: ENSIGN CLASS 5
  • 3603
    Even though Star Raiders is pretty complex compared to other classics of the 70s, my recent experience with the 1971 Star Trek and the similar but more recent Star Fleet I, has prepared me a bit for this game. Armed with a scan of the manual I managed to get the hang of the systems pretty quickly. I figured out the hyperspace jumps, docked with a starbase, and killed all the Zylons ships, including a couple of Zylon Basestars. In the Novice Mission you are indestructible, so it was mostly a question of killing the enemies before they surround your Starbases.
  • 3604
    Damn, this game is 8K. Amazing.
  • 2014-03-19
  • 3605
    Failed my first mission on Pilot level. Stressful.
  • 2019-04-28
  • 9651
    According to research on the AtariAge forums, the often mentioned 1979 release date might be wrong, and this game was actually released in 1980.
  • 2020-09-12
  • 11127
    I played some Star Raiders on the MiSTer and beat the NOVICE MISSION.
  • 11128
    This game runs from a cartridge rom file with the 'OS-A' BIOS.


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