Journey (Playstation 3)

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- Thanks to Jeppe for being a Jive Turkey and also for lending me his PS3

log entries

  • [2016]
    Played the first part of Journey, with my brother falling asleep watching it. :) I met up with another player and to my surprise, it was kind of magical.
  • 2012-09-09
  • [2020]
    Watched Nevin play through this short beautiful game.
  • 2015-05-09
  • [5357]
    I have a new console! Arnt was kind enough to donate his old PS3 and a stack of great games, most of which I already have for the PS3. I had apparently run out of activations for PS3 games, so I revoked all of them at the PlayStation site, an action I can only take once per year, apparently. I look through Download List, and there is a lot of stuff in there, so many games to try.


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