Bulletstorm (PlayStation 3)

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Log entries

  • Another Playstation Plus freebie... I don't hate it, it's fast and stupid and looks pretty good.
  • Completed Act 2/7. The Beast sequence was a bit interesting, though not completely free of bugs.
  • 2012-11-03
  • I'm playing this so fast ... skipping cutscenes, running at enemies like a maniac. I like it :)
  • I enjoy incessantly kicking people in the face during dialogue sequences. Makes the wait a bit more bearable...
  • Why does every chapter start out with just having fallen from something, picking up a gun, and getting to your feet?
  • Completed act 5/7. That was one big dinosaur ... I mean Hekaton.
  • 2012-11-04
  • Completed Act 6/7. Hahaha ... I laughed as General Sarrano dictated the bomb 'disarming' code: URADUMBTIT.
  • Completed the game on Normal (3/5) difficulty. Damn, I just killed a whole planet. And the main characters are hanging out in an escape pod, flirting. Somehow, that seems not OK.
  • Final line in the post-credits sequence: 'God is dead'. What?

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