Hitman: Absolution (PlayStation 3)

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Mayhem. Destruction. Chaos. Also, stealth.

Log entries

  • [2207]
    Borrowed this from work...
  • [2208]
    Hmm... the non-alternative control scheme doesn't work in the tutorial. I guess I'll swap controls and swap back afterwards.
  • [2209]
    'How you handle your assignment is entirely up to you'... I'm currently handling it Terminator-style by walking up to people and stabbing them with a filet knife. Works pretty well.
  • [2210]
    Completed mission 2/20. Stabbed The King of Chinatown, shot a few guys and left the level. No big deal. Impressive crowds in this level, looks really nice.
  • [2211]
    Completed mission 3/20.
  • 2012-11-27
  • [2212]
    Completed mission 8/20 with help from Peter B, Mikkel S., and pragmatic comments from Jonas CL.


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