Indy Heat (Amiga)

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I have a thing for top-down vehicle games like Nitro, Super Off Road, Super Cars, and Firepower for the Amiga, and 2011's Renegade Ops for the Xbox 360 made me remember. I looked through the Hall of Light for similar Amiga games, and found this top-down Indy 500 game, complete with pit stops, curbs and chicanes, and vehicle upgrades. Never saw it before, but it looks cool.
Look at those tiny cars go!

log entries

  • [2310]
    Playing this on WinUAE.
  • [2220]
    It supports 3 players (two joysticks and keyboard) - could be fun with a couple of other dudes...
  • [2221]
    Awww... those Indy cars look so cute!
  • [2222]
    I have mixed feelings about the podium screen; I like the synth ripped from Project X and the blonde in the red swimsuit, but I hate the thunderously loud rock guitar...
  • [2223]
    completed the game and got the score: 198. Got 200 championship points, and an average speed of 198 MPH.


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