Super Off Road (Amiga)

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            Series : Super Off Road
Original Developer : Leland Corporation
    Port Developer : Graftgold
             Music : Jason Page
             Genre : Racing games
        Other Tags : Tiny cars
             Ports : Pico Off Road (2021 PICO-8) [unofficial]

not completed.
Iron Man Kart

Log entries

  • [2225]
    The title of this game is kind of troublesome, with its quotes and double quotes having to work with Linux shell commands, a database, and HTML rendering. I hope I got it right...
  • [2226]
    Argh, the music is AWFUL.
  • 2012-12-03
  • [2227]
    Funny, how much this is almost exactly the same game as Indy Heat. It's a 3 player top-down racing game, the cars are red, blue, yellow, and grey, you can buy upgrades between rounds, and there is a podium shot with a girl in a red swimsuit.
  • 2012-12-15
  • [2235]
    Ah, of course, same developer: Leland Interactive.


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