Flashback (Amiga)

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            Series : Flashback
         Developer : Delphine Software
             Music : Raphaƫl Gesqua
             Genre : Action adventure
            Themes : Cyberpunk
        Other Tags : Rotoscoping

not completed.

Log entries

  • [2426]
    I played a lot of Flashback when it was new, and I think I completed it, but I can't remember the ending, so I really don't know.
  • 2020-06-22
  • [10821]
    I was listening to an interview with Paul Cuisset, where he says that '[Flashback] was originally created for the Sega MegaDrive, but was released on both Amiga and PCs at that time.'
  • [10822]
    Apparently, Flashback was supposed to be a futuristic Godfather game.
  • [10823]
    The game was developed for Sega as an early MegaDrive title, but was developed on Amiga 3000 computers, and was released for Amiga in 1992 before the release on the original target, the MegaDrive, in 1993.


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