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  • 3912
    I received my third batch of eBay games today, and among them was the Genesis port of the Amiga classic Another World. The port is extremely close to the original, so much so that I'm having difficulties finding even a single spot that is graphically different, except for the title screen and text. The audio is different of course, since the Genesis can't do 4 sample channels. The FM rearrangements sound OK, but more noticable is that certain sounds are just missing, such as the sound of the wolf thing moving in the beginning or the sound of the cage creaking when swinging back and forth.
  • 3913
    I love the crazy Genesis box art. Not close to the style of the game at all, but a fun standard sci fi painting showing several elements from the first part of the game.
  • 3914
    ... Better than the awkward Amiga box art with the stupid wolf and the 'Another World took 2 years'. Genesis box has 'Highest rated game ever.' (Computer Game Review)
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    Password: HTDC
  • 2017-07-29
  • 8015
    Nabaz, Maria, and Jonas was visiting, and I demonstrated the EverDrive. Jonas tried playing the first couple of screens, getting poisoned by worms a lot.