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Dead Space 3

Log entries

  • [2433]
    After coming back from the AES conference in London, I found a Necromorph infestation in my mailbox. Not knowing what to do with it, I shoved it into my Xbox, which now has sprouted extra limbs and is trying to kill me.
  • [2434]
    ... Seems to have 19 chapters.
  • [2437]
    I'm playing on Hard (3/4), like I did Dead Space 2.
  • [2438]
    I roamed around in space for a long time, shooting mines, and taking in the scenery. Being able to stay outside in space without having to hurry inside is a great feature for this game.
  • [2439]
    I love the idea of the 200 year old Necromorphs, sleeping in their cocoons, just waiting for new prey to arrive. The redesigned enemies look great, its just a pity they don't have more interesting gameplay-related behaviour.
  • [2440]
    Completed chapter 3/19. What an awful character model for Ellie. It'll be hard to care about her...
  • [2442]
    I think the sound designed for being in a EVA suit in space is a bit too sparse. Given some more care and attention, the sounds of the suit itself and Isaac's breathing should become the entire soundscape. Instead, there is almost no audio in these sequences.
  • 2013-02-10
  • [2447]
    The Guardians are my favorite enemies, a howling, hideously deformed human body stretched and symbiotically conjoined with a wall of Corruption. Biohorror at its best.
  • [2448]
    I'm currently playing with headphones, and with the music completely disabled. The empty corridors of the ancient space ships are full of ambient creaks and howls of the Necromorphs, and I don't need a full symphony orchestra with me on this journey. Frankly, the music is way too dominant in DS3, and I recommend turning it off to get the most out of the atmosphere.
  • [2449]
    Completed chapter 5/19. Those regenerating mofos are kinda stressful.
  • 2013-02-11
  • [2454]
    Damn, it's get super punishing... Can't take anymore.
  • 2013-02-18
  • [2462]
    After a lot of retries, I completed the shuttle launch sequence. It seems a bit poorly checkpointed.
  • 2013-08-03
  • [2854]
    OK, after completing DS2 again on Zealot, I wanted to get back into the sequel again. I finished all the space engineering stuff, which was actually kind of cool. And after a typical roller coaster ride Isaac Clarke ends up on the frozen planet of Tau Volantis. I really don't like the weapon crafting, it seems tacked on, to get players to pay for speeding up progression. I end up using mostly a single weapon, a special Plasma Cutter i got after EA detected I had been playing Dead Space 2. The Dead Space weapons have character in the other games, here they are like results of character creation, bland and uninspired.
  • [2855]
    Got the Hungry achievement. - I snuck by the Hungry Hungry Feeders without alerting them. They're gross.
  • [2856]
    I have my snow suit, which looks pretty cool, the snow storm ended. Now I can enjoy the grotesque beauty of the Tau Volantis landscape.
  • [2857]
    Completed chapter 9/19.
  • 2013-08-04
  • [2858]
    Need ... more ... tungsten.
  • [2859]
    Completed chapter 10/19.
  • [2868]
    That windy heating system area looks really cool. Atmospheric.
  • 2013-08-07
  • [2869]
    OK, in chapter 11 I finally met a boss fight that caused me problems. Neither my 'Compact Elite Planet Cracker' Plasma Cutter or my flamethrower was suitable for the fast moving snow beast. So I exited the game, went into the weapon crafting area, dismantled my flamethrower, and made a Heavy Pulse Rifle with a Line Gun attached, tested it on a few training Necromorphs (apparently, this does not consume ammo), and went back into the game with greated confidence. Though I have complained about the confusing weapon crafting system, this particular case might prove satisfying. Let's see how the battle goes now...
  • [2870]
    It totally worked - beat the Snow Beast the first time. My feelings towards the weapon crafting just became a little more positive.
  • [2871]
    Completed chapter 11/19.
  • 2013-08-10
  • [2873]
    Completed chapter 14/19.
  • 2013-08-13
  • [2884]
    Completed chapter 16/19. What a poor chapter, all spelunking, which doesn't really work well.
  • [2885]
    Chapter 17 is getting all Lovecraftian with its frozen alien city.
  • 2013-08-17
  • [2888]
    Got the RIG Master achievement. - Fully upgraded my RIG. In my first game of DS3.
  • [2889]
    Ugh... This game is too long... It gets boring.
  • [2890]
    completed the game on Hard difficulty. I had crazy resources for the last chapter, so the final part wasn't hard. I absolutely love the idea of the Blood Moon, but the game didn't really make as big a deal of it as it should.
  • [2891]
    The story of DS3 seems somewhat unoriginal. The whole romantic subplot was cheesy Hollywood stuff, 'the other guy' John Carver felt insanely tacked-on for multiplayer, and Jacob Arthur Danik took the role of replacing the unholy faceless terror of the Necromorphs with a standard Hollywood british accent villian as the main antagonist.
  • [2892]
    What's with the awful rock music in the end credits?


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