Samurai Shodown (SEGA Genesis)

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The Sega Genesis version of Samurai Shodown seems pretty decent, especially when played with my sweet 6-button controller.
Samurai Shodown

Log entries

  • [2831]
    I don't know how to play Samurai Shodown. But I'll try my luck on the easiest difficulty with Ukyo Tachibana. He has two special moves, HCF+S (S=slash, which is any of the 3 slash buttons) and QCB+S.
  • [2832]
    Completed the game with Ukyo Tachibana on 1/8 difficulty using 52 continues. That Shiro Tokisada Amakusa was a real tricky boss with his teleporting and brutal attacks. Ukyo said: 'Life is a stewed peach in a lot of syrup...' What?


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