Samurai Shodown II

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Samurai Shodown II

log entries

  • 2879
    I reached the evil world!
  • 2881
    completed the game with Haohmaru on 1/8 difficulty using 23 continues. Don't say, more...I dedicate myself to the sword world.
  • 2882
    Also, there was an Alien hanging out in a big pot in Gen-An's cave. I don't understand why.
  • 2013-12-12
  • 3272
    I was invited to Thor's place, who has an absolutely amazing collection of games and consoles, including SEGA Mega Drive, Saturn and Dreamcast, and the coolest one, a Neo Geo AES with a load of games. Samurai Shodown felt great to play with the original joystick controller on a CRT TV - extremely responsive compare to my previous emulated and laggy experience.