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Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Log entries

  • [3110]
    ... So tired. Working late on 140 soundtrack stuff. But, hey, at least I got a new game in the mail. CoD: BlOps II was down to 150 DKK, so I got it. Let's see if Treyarch taught the old dog any new tricks.
  • 2013-10-25
  • [3111]
    Played a bot match against 8 Recruit bots. That was too easy. The audio seems to be improved since Black Ops, great gun sounds and good reverb.
  • 2013-10-27
  • [3116]
    Finished some matches against bots with Jauert. Feels like a set of new maps for Black Ops.
  • 2013-11-05
  • [3141]
    Played a couple of bot matches and some Zombie mode with Peter.
  • 2013-11-09
  • [3143]
    Mission 5/11, 'Fallen Angel' starts out in the flooded streets of a Pakistan city. The level looks very cool and I like the feel of the fighting in the streets of a ruined city.
  • 2013-11-10
  • [3161]
    Completed the game on Normal difficulty (Campaign). After playing some of the Call of Duty's and a few other military games, I had reached a point where I was not enjoying them as much as I used to. Military guys spitting orders in my face, telling me to 'listen up' and 'hurry up' was really starting to get on my nerves. I didn't care at all about the characters, most of them are cold-hearted killing machines and torturers, making them pretty hard to relate to, and the story of the Call of Duty games seem to be glue stretched thin between a series of epic, explosion-filled moments that don't really relate to each other in any logical way. Their stories are reasonably predictable in the grand scale, always about a super-terrorist and some kind of betrayal, and they tend to advocate certain war crimes, as long as they are being committed only by the US, leaving a bad taste in my mouth. Knowing what to expect, and knowing that I still like actually playing this kind of game, I found a method of play that made Black Ops II a nice experience. First of all, I turned the voice volume all they way down to silence the yelling. Only sound effects and music (unless the music got annoying, in which case I also muted that). Secondly, I skipped every cutscene and ignored all the noninteractive in-game sequences. I didn't need to know anything except how to follow my target indicator and avoid dying. Third, I killed everyone. Sometimes, I have trouble telling friend from foe, but it turned out the game didn't penalize me for shooting my allies, as long as they wasn't important for the story. So I shot everyone, including my allies. The game is pretty easy, so getting through it was not a problem at all. Playing this way was fun, and I could enjoy the insane spectacle of the constantly exploding chaos, which, stripped of its context, possess a certain surreal beauty. Most of the campaign was very polished and looked and sounded great, and certain levels were so cool that I would consider playing them again, just to experience the great gunplay and the impressive environments. Black Ops II is one of the better Call of Duty games, and I recommend it for people who like these games - I certainly enjoyed it in my own special way...
  • 2013-12-29
  • [3323]
    Jauert, Nabaz and I played some One in the Chamber, Gun Game, and Free-for-alls with 3-player split screen. It works well, and it's still a fun game.
  • 2013-12-30
  • [3328]
    Me, Jauert, Nabaz, and Jeppe tried four-player split screen multiplayer reminiscent of good times with Timesplitters back in the early 00's.


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