Fire Power (Amiga)

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            Series : Fire Power
         Developer : Silent Software
             Genre : Base Attack
            Themes : Military

not completed.
Exciting top-down strategic tank combat game, where you attempt to capture an AI-controlled army base with a tank while defending your own base from attacks.
Knocking on the front door

Log entries

  • [3223]
    Played a lot of Fire Power, never won a game. :)
  • 2013-12-07
  • [3224]
    Oh, man, I wish someone had told that Fire Power had a 1995 3DO sequel, 'Return Fire', that was released for the PlayStation in 1996. I should have played that.
  • 2021-09-08
  • [12245]
    After playing the unofficial Pico-8 Zeewolf port Zedwolf, I've been thinking about base attack games, and Fire Power was the earliest game of this type I've played. I booted it up on my MiSTer, and methodically started destroying the enemy base. I think the objective is to destroy the large buildings, and one of them has a flag to capture or something. I didn't succeed.
  • [12248]
    I played a single failed round, but with a decent score.


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